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Daily Dose: BIS to Launch Stablecoin Project

BIS to launch stablecoin monitoring project and up focus on CBDC experimentsThe Bank for International Settlements announced that it would be conducting more CBDC pilot projects in 2023 while focusing on stablecoin monitoring.CointelegraphMartin Young The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) will heighten focus on experimenting with Central Bank Digital...

Big H

TWEETSTORM: BTC mining is good for the on!

TWEETSTORM is an occasional feature where we share threads, mostly from Twitter, that we think deserve a wider audience, some are informative, some educational, some amusing and others yet are controversial...we dig these out for you so you don't have to! @DocumentingBTC This thread will convince you #bitcoin mining...

Daily Dose: Interpol Wants to Police Metaverse

Interpol wants to police metaverse crimes, reveals secretary generalThe move to police the metaverse comes nearly four months after the international organization launched its own metaverse in October 2022CointelegraphArijit Sarkar The International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO), or Interpol, is investigating how it could police crimes in the metaverse. However, a...

Privacy Advocate

Feature: 5 simple tips for improving digital privacy

Privacy is the first layer of security, and you can avoid many security threats by not making yourself a target. Here are some simple tips to get you started. Privacy is the first level of security. By keeping a low profile, you can greatly reduce the chance of being targeted...

Daily Dose: Crypto Trading Can Be Addicting

Spanish rehab center adds crypto trading addiction to services listA luxury rehabilitation center in Spain has expanded its therapy services to help those suffering from crypto trading addiction.CointelegraphBrayden Lindrea A luxury rehabilitation center in Spain has recently added services aimed at treating a relatively new kind of addiction — crypto...

Privacy Advocate

Privacy Update: The Inevitable Rise of the Crypto Hardware Wallet

Hardware Wallets Are Becoming a Crypto Must-Have in 2023 In Brief * The hardware wallet industry has boomed since the FTX collapse. * The community no longer trusts custodial wallets, and hardware wallets provide a ready-made non-custodial solution. * There are also non-custodial software solutions, which provide a similar service without the risk...

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