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Daily Dose: Crypto Haters Unite

Haters to unite at the first conference for crypto skepticsThe Crypto Policy Symposium in September hopes to attract policymakers from the U.S. and Europe, so crypto skeptics can share information about how to quell the uprising of the industry.CointelegraphBrian Newar In the middle of crypto’s latest bear...

Privacy Advocate

do privacy at! - Monday 4th July - update

In early May this year, we launched a second, companion site to entitled which is designed as a comprehensive privacy protection resource. At the same time, we launched a new stats package, totally non-invasive, and we are delighted (and a little surprised) to report that we...

Daily Dose: BTC Worst Quarter

Worst quarter in 11 years as Bitcoin price and activity plungeBitcoin has faced its worst quarterly return since over 11 years ago in 2011 as the wider stock market returns falter in tandem with the cryptocurrency.CointelegraphJesse Coghlan Bitcoin (BTC) has seen its worst quarterly loss in 11 years with...

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