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Daily Dose: Aussie OTR Stores Use Crypto

Aussies buy fuel and chips with crypto across 175 fuel outlets175 petrol stations and conveniences in Australia now accept crypto payments as part of a partnership between OTR, DataMesh and Quarmby Convenience store and petrol station brand On The Run (OTR) has launched crypto payment support across...

Big H

TWEETSTORM: The five Tech Giants and the Mega Profits you help them make!

TWEETSTORM is an occasional feature on where we share threads , mostly from Twitter, that we think deserve a wider audience, some are informative, some educational, some amusing and others yet are controversial...we dig these out for you so you don't have to! Misha@MishaDaVinci Every single day,...

Daily Dose: Counter Tax Evasion With Crypto

Colombia to prevent tax evasion with national digital currency: ReportThe government of newly inaugurated Colombian President Gustavo Petro will reportedly seek to create a digital currency to prevent illicit financial activity like tax evasion.CointelegraphHelen Partz Amid Colombia’s economic growth beat expectations in the second quarter, an official at...

Daily Dose: Brazil Giant Launches BTC and ETH Trading

Brazil brokerage giant with 3.6M clients launches BTC and ETH tradingBrokerage giant XP Inc officially launches new crypto platform XTAGE allowing their 3.6 million client base to trade BTC) and ETH for the first time.CointelegraphStephen Katte Brazilian brokerage giant XP Inc has officially launched its crypto trading...

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