15 October 2019

White Hat Hackers Reveal New Scam Scheme: Insights at BlockShow Asia

BlockShow Asia 2019 to illuminate how to guard against hacking attacks and ensure a high level of security. 


How To Answer Your Friends Asking "Should I Invest In Bitcoin?"

Although this advice applies to any kind of financial investment, the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency world is highly speculative, maybe even more speculative than any other asset class out there today. It would be foolish to put all your money in even a single stable and traditional investment, what more a brand new technology that is still in an experimental stage?

12 OCTOBER 2019

Criminal Cryptos or Filthy FIAT?

Op-Ed: The case for the defence​

The all-mighty premise...... I think by now we have all seen the headlines which suggest that cryptocurrencies are used by criminals to hide their activities. The naive implication then being that all cryptos are bad and should be banned. Needless to say, this is the line trotted out on a regular basis by a mixed cast of supposedly concerned parties including government spokespeople, banking industry experts and numerous financial pundits.

04 October 2019

An (Abridged) History of Blockchain Governance by Robert Greenfield IV

Learning lessons in blockchain governance from crypto-foundations, open protocols, and everything in between.


This Is What Your Country Thinks About Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency

We explore several governments from all over the world and their different  regulatory frameworks and positions on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and crypto businesses. 

30 September 20

BlockShow Asia 2019 to Feature Bitcoiner#1, A Meetup For Bitcoin Fans And Newbies

BlockShow Asia 2019 to introduce Bitcoiner#1 a Bitcoin-themed meetup event that brings fans, newbies and experts together under one roof.

29 September 2019

Bakkt Futures Exchange: The Institutional Gateway to Bitcoin Is Here

Bakkt is a bitcoin futures exchange and digital assets platform founded in 2018 by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). 

24 September 2019

A thread on the implications of Bitcoin: The Sovereign Individual edition

As part of an on-going Tweetstorm Serieswe showcase excellent Twitter threads on the most interesting topics in the industry and publish them here in blog format for easier consumption and sharing beyond twitter. Today, we feature Yassine Elmandjra and his analysis of the implications of Bitcoin based on the book "The Sovereign Individual". 

18 September 2019

What Do Top Global Executives Think Of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency?

As the heat in the cryptocurrency market is now building for yet another bull season, we thought to share some of the expert's opinion on what they have to say on Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency. So, here is a list of people who had sweet and bitter opinions on cryptocurrencies.

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