12 NOVEMBER 2019

My Recent Experiences as a (Late Arriving) Cryptocurrency Investor

An open letter from the Senior with 2020 Hindsight

I came of age at a time when computers occupied an entire room and the hope of ever owning one was out of the question. Eventually, times changed and as they become smaller and more affordable, it allowed a few of us back in 1971 the chance to buy a KENBAK-1 for $750.00 for their personal use. The average hourly wage at that time was just $1.60, so effectively that computer cost about three months wages.


Parallel Garden: Hydroponics with a Greater Mission

Parallel Garden uses hydroponic crop cultivation to deal with the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining, and provides a prototype alternative to destructive mainstream agriculture practices. 

5 November 2019

Daily Dose: Whaley Bot is the New Willy Bot

A study by University of Texas professor John Griffin and Ohio State University's Amin Shams claims that Bitcoin's bull run in 2017 was triggered by market manipulation. Is this the new version of the 2013 Willy Bot FUD?


Revolution or revelations?

Most things in life start with good intentions, Some would say the road to hell is paved with them!

From the “Splitting of the Atom” on December 17th 1938 to the invention of the “Magnavox” in 1915, one only needs look to the past for the confirmation that all things even seamlessly harmless inventions like the printing Press to the convincingly uplifting social/political movements of the early 1900s like National Socialism it is apparent all good things abide by dualistic principles and therefore may be used for the greater good or the greater evil.

21 Questions With Knut Svanholm, Author of Bitcoin Sovereignty Through Mathematics

In our second edition of "21 Questions by Decentralize Today", we feature Knut Svanholm, author of Bitcoin Sovereignty Through Mathematics. This thought-provoking and informative book will help you understand Bitcoin on a much deeper level, great for beginners and experienced Bitcoiners alike. 

28 OCTOBER 2019

Cloudflare - why the fuss?

​Cloudflare has spent the last 10 years building itself into one of the world's largest cloud service providers. But at what cost? 


15 October 2019

White Hat Hackers Reveal New Scam Scheme: Insights at BlockShow Asia

BlockShow Asia 2019 to illuminate how to guard against hacking attacks and ensure a high level of security. 


How To Answer Your Friends Asking "Should I Invest In Bitcoin?"

Although this advice applies to any kind of financial investment, the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency world is highly speculative, maybe even more speculative than any other asset class out there today. 

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