18 July 2019

David Chaum's Vault System: The World's First Blockchain

Thanks to his prolific contribution to cryptography, game theory, and the world economy via Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto seems to get a lot of lesser deserved credit. While some observers overstate his abilities by implying he (or she, or it) must have been some sort of time traveler, alien being, or artificial intelligence (which has been proven to be fallacious by both developer contributions and early works of prolific cypherpunks), others point out to all the instances where researchers have almost invented elements of Bitcoin. 

17 July 2019

Don't Fall For The Hype: Why Bitcoin's $10,000 Price Does Not Reflect Its True Value

Bitcoin “crashed” below $10,000 - if you’re concerned / shocked / panicking (and also if you're not), take a moment to read this.

17 July 2019

What Is Money, Actually? Cattle, Tally Sticks, and Ancient Technology

Money is something that we all use every day, without giving it a second thought. Like many other basic technologies invented by our ancestors, it has become such a fixture that we take it for granted. Let's roll the clock back a bit, so that we can understand what this seemingly universal medium of exchange really is at its core.

16 July 2019

Bitcoin: Ancestor to the Energon Cube

Is Bitcoin a precursor to a future form of money in a world powered by free boundless energy?

15 July 2019

The Libra Lie - Why Facebook's "Cryptocurrency" Will Not Become Permissionless

Five Reasons why Facebook's mis-advertised not-cryptocurrency Libra won't become permissionless, even if Facebook claims so.

15 July 2019

Space Nodes & CubeSats

Satellite coverage is an essential first step in ensuring sound, consistent and borderless dispersal of Bitcoin participation. But looking through a critical lens surmises some reasonable vulnerabilities that shouldn't be neglected just because satellites largely represent a "last resort".

15 July 2019

How Philip Zimmermann Inspired Satoshi and Bitcoin

PGP inventor Philip Zimmermann has set important legal and procedural precedents which Satoshi Nakamoto definitely observed and used to his advantage.

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