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We're always looking for quality content to share with our readers. Authors on Decentralize.Today come from various backgrounds; among our writers are specialists in cybersecurity, developers, book authors, company executives, journalists, and crypto enthusiasts that regularly share their views on and insights into the space.

We welcome original content and seek ideas and opinions that are creative, authentic, intriguing, and challenging. Capture your readers with an opinion piece, a review, an interview, a short story, a critique, a letter.

About Decentralize.Today

Decentralize.Today is a digital media platform about all things tech: we publish news, analyses, and opinion pieces primarily on the topics of privacy, centralization and decentralization, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain tech, A.I., VR, AR, the Internet of Things, and other next-generation technologies.

Our mission is to provide a place for open and unbiased discussion that allows our readers to obtain first-hand insights from various diverse viewpoints and fosters an autonomous news and information ecosystem.


We present, discuss, and follow technologies and innovations that are entering our lives today and that we believe will play a crucial role in the development of our global society and evolution of our everyday lives in the future. We cannot wait to see what the next years in tech have in store and want to actively take part in spreading the word.

What We Offer to Our Writers

Published authors on DT are introduced to our readership of 17.000 people from around the world, mostly the U.S. and East Asia.

Your article has the chance to be featured and become the first title our readers see when they visit Decentralize.Today.

Featured articles are shared and discussed on all our social media channels and in our weekly newsletter.

As a guest writer, you can join our monthly writing contest and win cash prizes worth $300 every month.

The Topics We Are Looking for


Data protection or data collection?

An open letter to the companies that own our data.

Your take on the philosophy behind privacy.

How to properly store your passwords.

A privacy coin review.

A comparison of VPN providers.

Your vision of privacy within our global society in the future.


Decentralize everything?

Your take on nation states.

A review of a recent DApp.

The strengths and weaknesses of decentralized systems.

Centralized vs. Decentralized Exchanges.

How decentralized is decentralized enough?


Recent developments in the industry.

The path to adoption.


How to set up a Lightning node.

The battle of the cryptos.

Will there be another hype?

Your experience as an enthusiast / trader / investor / entrepreneur.



What’s a Superintelligence?

Blockchain Technology.

How smart will our homes become?

The Fridge that shops by itself.

Augmented Reality.

Our virtual second lives.


Smart cities.

Borderless countries.

A virtual society.

our vision of a future utopia / dystopia.

Your city tomorrow, five years from now, fifty years from now.

Biohacking and longevity.

Human evolution in a ‘technologized’ world.

A message to your future self.

Our Terms of Submission

  • Your content needs to be written by you, and third-party content such as quotes or images need to give proper credit. If you do not own the rights to content such as images or video, it is your responsibility to make sure you have proper permission or are in possession of the appropriate license to utilise that content.

  • Naturally, we do not accept content that is hateful, discriminatory, and in poor taste, with the judgment over that reserved for our editors.

  • By sharing your article with us in the form below, you give us permission to, at our discretion, edit and adjust it before and after publishing. We may edit for grammar, spelling, and content. If you alter or delete our edits after your article is published on Decentralize.Today, we reserve the right to remove your article from the publication and you from our list of contributors.

  • You can submit articles that have been published in other journals before, but you need to provide us the link to every web page it has been published on in the past. You can also publish existing content from your personal Medium account, although articles fair the best on Medium if they’re freshly uploaded. You cannot re-publish articles that are currently posted on other Medium publications.

  • Add a little bio about yourself (2–3 sentences) and a photo (if you like) so we can introduce you to our readers. Frequent contributors will receive a designated mention on the upcoming Decentralize.Today homepage.

  • We prefer impartial or critical insights over promotional content. In other words, if we feel your article promotes a product or service, we are less likely to publish it. We might get in touch with you to discuss the option of a sponsored submission.
    To avoid having your article marked as promotional, make sure that if you include information on your project, you also add information on other services or products that are relevant to your content, in order to keep an informative viewpoint.

  • For more information, check out our Guest Writing Terms.

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