A chance to put your project on a bigger stage!

I guess we're all used to the constant drone in the background of crypto between 'shitcoiners' and 'maximilists'. Some is banter but a lot can be quite 'intense' and whilst we appreciate passion we still believe there is room to promote greater understanding.

We don't believe that anyone has a monopoly on knowledge and so are introducing a platform on decentralize.today to allow Altcoiners to present the base case for their individual projects.

As we receive over 3000 unique visitors a day to the site (and Tor is recorded as just one hit within that number) and boost out all articles to our full Social Media network of over 4000 followers across Mastodon, Twitter, Element, Telegram and Tribel, any featured coin will get a high level of coverage across an engaged audience.

So if you know of, or represent a coin, drop us a line for more details on this exciting sponsorship offer at blog@decentralize.today

Areas we believe you should be covering could include:

  1. Basic information - Name, token/coin (if different or changed previously), short trading name, business set-up, address, contact details, website, date of launch, founders
  2. Description of the project - including the coin's current or proposed usage, what is its USP?
  3. Funding - ICO, investors, % held by founders and/or investors
  4. Exchanges - where is the coin is listed , current price plus historic ATH & ATL with dates, typical trading volumes, volume of coins in circulation, PoW vs PoS, staking options
  5. Code - Open-source? Availability - desk/lap top, mobile, app, are there dedicated developers in place, is it decentralized?
  6. Type of Coin - utility, privacy, stable, meme...
  7. White Paper - (can be attached or linked), date of release, significant milestones since launch, development roadmap (can be attached or displayed), track record for achievement
  8. Social Media - reach, no of followers on each, communication strategy/approach
  9. Target - audience, perceived crypto and external competitors, what service will it provide or replace/supercede?

However, what you share is entirely up to you.

The cost of each individual sponsored Altcoin entry is available on request and we will happily accept payment in the currency of your choosing including in the Altcoin being promoted.

If you are interested and would like more detail, please email us on blog@decentralize.today

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