Privacy Cookbook - Chapter 4.2 - An Outline of Shadowsocks(-ing)

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Criminal Cryptos or Filthy FIAT?

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Status - Private, Secure Communication?

New decentralized, privacy driven messaging service and a whole lot more.......In the final installment of our quick look at available encrypted messaging service, we turn to Status.....never heard of them, well, don't worry....we have a feeling that you will.They have set themselves some fairly lofty ideals in their pursuit of privacy, let's let t...

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Daily Dose: Just Crypto It

Price is hovering near the immediate support level around 7,100 - 7,000 in the daily. If the daily makes a weak close, it is likely for BTC to hit below 7,000 again as it appears to be in a downward channel. Otherwise, support is respected and the current range remains; resistance around 7,500 - 7,600. Intraday chart (4H) also shows an interesting ...

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Privacy Cookbook - Chapter 4.1 - VPN Providers

Be aware.....using a VPN is not without risks and you need to appreciate what it will and what it won't do for you.It will not keep your browser history secret, it will not provide security for non-secure (HTTP) traffic, it will not provide anonymity.However, if what you are after is to mask your activities from your internet se...

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Privacy Cookbook - Chapter 4 - VPN

Ok,,,,,so you have seen Mr.Robot, or read the news or maybe just developed a common sense that when you are on a public WiFi, that this is potentially a very serious treat to your privacy whether it be your local Starbucks, or an Airport WiFi, wherever......You can be spied upon by others on the network or by the WiFi provi...

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Screen-Shot-2019-12-06-at-5.26.15-PM Source: Bitcoin Billionaire Game

Daily Dose: Bitcoin's $9 Billion Dollar Hour

Bitcoin (BTC) tried and failed to break resistance yesterday at 7,500 - 7,800 and has since remained flat, trading at around 7,300. Overall sentiment remains bearish, with the possibility of hitting lower highs at around 7,600 - 7,700. If bears are able to defend that level, we could see a drop back down to around 6,900 - 6,600. Markets will only r...

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Privacy Cookbook - Chapter 3.4 - Browser Security

Today's Privacy Cookbook is all about browser security. Lets start with Chrome or Chromium! If it is your main browser, do the following.....use your browser to go to, to download the latest Firefox and after doing that delete Chrome! Congrats you have fixed the first issue!Now lets go to step 2Let's install a...

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Daily Dose: Android Vulnerability!

Bitcoin remains in a downtrend in the daily and has formed a lower high around 7,800 as resistance. As it continues to move down, the next support to look for in the daily is around $6,800 - $6,500 level. Moving on to the intraday chart (4H), a wide range has formed with the same levels plotted in the daily chart. The current price action look...

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uBlock Origin

Privacy Cookbook - Chapter 3.3 - uBlock Origin

Today we're going to talk about uBlock Origin and if you've followed the previous chapters on ad-blocking articles here is a little extra information for you. Even if you are using either of the two ad blocking apps (AdGuard Home or Pi-Hole) please use uBlock Origin additionally on top of it. Alternatively if you are a more advanced ...

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Daily Dose: Slow Start December

The last weekly candle closed on a bounce but didn't show any significant move. For the current weekly candle, BTC opened weak. If price isn't able to reach or retrace around $7,500, it can possibly break the 50 MA and head lower to look for next support. In the daily chart, BTC found support around $6,500 and resistance around $7,800. Possible sce...

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Privacy Cookbook - Chapter 3.2 - AdGuard Home

AdGuard Home is the next step up when it comes to blocking ads, trackers and all the other nasty BS what haunts the interwebs!We have nextDNS covered as a possible cloud solution, we have an in-house solution with Pi-hole and today we have a look at an open source solution that we use personally.Why AdGuard Home over P...

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Bisq - DEX-traordinary!

​Bisq is a decentralized, open-source, peer-to-peer desktop application that manages the exchange of cryptocurrencies and FIAT that requires no KYC. And it is one of a growing number of increasingly popular in decentralized exchanges.Launched in December 2014 with it's beta iteration two years later in April 2016.......go-live was in A...

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Privacy Cookbook - Chapter 3.1 - (put it in your..) Pi-hole

​Today we're following up on ad and bad-blockers with a supplemental section on the Pi-hole!In the last entry of the Privacy Cookbook we talked about hostfiles. They're easy to compile and install on Windows, MacOS and Linux and you can use them as well with DNSCloak on iOS. However, there are better ways to do this, one of which would be...

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Order or oppression?

​As close to 100 Anti-Government Protesters take shelter within the grounds of Hong Kong Polytechnic University in a cat and mouse style tactic, police play a sick "Waiting Game" In an attempt to almost starve out student protesters from campus grounds as the stand-off reaches almost a week in length and shows no signs of abating.The Polytechnic Un...

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Daily Dose: Beary Thanksgiving

​As this bearish scenario continues, BTC has formed a range in the daily chart with support around $6,500 and resistance around $7,300. In line with this bearish scenario, price is now below the 10 and 50 moving averages and there's also a possible lower high with reference to the 10 EMA as a trail for resistance in the daily chart. In the intraday...

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