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2020 : I can see clearly now...and 'oh, it's just a number!!!'

I think many of us have been exposed to the somewhat faux-controversy, principally in the USA, over recent weeks that surfaces every year at this time regarding the use of 'Happy Holidays' as a seasonal greeting as opposed to the equally appropriate but less embracing Christian 'Merry Christmas'.

I doubt very much that any laws have been passed at any level in the US that bans the use of the latter (and I strongly suspect that they would be unconstitutional given that freedom of religious expression is enshrined in their founding charter). However, it would appear that some sections of the populace, ably assisted by certain parts of the media have sought to make this issue one of apparent religious persecution orchestrated by the godless left and the 'politically correct' rather than an attempt to address inclusiveness and respect for others in a multi-cultural and secular society where many groups observe differing traditions within their chosen creeds and faiths.

Perhaps this is neatly summarized, in part, by the following meme:

​And that's before you add in the animists, the animalists, pagans of various strains, sun and moon worshippers and the multitude of lesser known (but no less valid) religions, belief systems and faith based followings from around the world to say nothing of the agnostics, atheists and non-believers amongst us!  

To be honest, there isn't any real alignment within some of the bigger religions an example of that being that the date of publication for this short piece, January 7th 2020, is celebrated by the Russian Orthodox Church as it's Christmas Day, way later than other branches of the Christian faith. This fact may, however, have a bit to do with the prevailing calendar being followed.

So is this just a manifestation of a bigger issue, what year are we in?

By implication, the use of BC (Before Christ) and AD ('In the year of the Lord) as applied to the Gregorian calendar that is used by most of the planet does represent an imposition of Christian historical significance upon all........whereas, there are large swathes of the globe whose populace count things quite differently......


It's 2020 for some... but not for others - BBC News

While lots of people are celebrating the start of 2020, it's a different year altogether for some.

​So where does this leave us?

Well pretty much disjointed, dazzed and confused as a race..........maybe we should seek some interstellar guidance?

And frankly, that pretty much sums up the discord and rancour that these topics illicit! 

​So let's get down to the serious debate here.....the really crucial issue that has been plaguing us all for the last few weeks? 

"When exactly does a new decade commence?" 

To answer that let's start with your first clue and a simple enough task........everybody, count from 1 to 10.......

(that said, when MC Hammer gets involved you pretty much know it's 'game over!')

​Enjoy your year ahead.....and as the great Irish standup, Dave Allen, used to say "May your gods go with you" 


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