Academic censorship and the mainstream media

In this week's The Part-Time Show podcast by Dr Kapil Amarasinghe, he digs into his recent experience working on the frontines of the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK to examine the ways in which the media are used in the portrayal of science and facts to shape public opinion and how the academic community has choosen to respond.

"Only by fully and mutually listening to each other and not dismissing each other’s points of view are we going to find a coherent strategy to this pandemic."

Believe me, this is 15 minutes well spent!

Academic censorship and the mainstream media
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Dr Kap, as he universally known, is a leading Speciality Doctor in Emergency Medicine and is the UK Community Ambassador to the Particl Project/Foundation. His interests include Emergency Medicine, Business Management, Arts, Geopolitics, Emerging Currency Markets and Distributed Ledger Technologies. He is also the MD of artradio, a creative social network that enables artists worldwide to share their work, see more at

Dr Kap is contactable through Twitter, LinkedIn, at or via

Enjoy the podcast, more next week!