Tech billionaire, Bill Gates, holds the purse strings for WHO funding!

For years, the UN agency charged with attending to the health needs of the poorest has been horribly underfunded with monies coming via donor countries and philanthropic high net worth individuals.

The funding provided via the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and its associated trust, which is a 'for profit', so they direct investment and expect a return.

As a result, they use a multitude of devices to restrict access to vaccine patents, manipulate pricing, choke off vaccines are not getting to those who need them most but boosts Tech and Pharma profits to sickening levels

thehatedone explains in crystal clear detail how and why this happens and why they will continue to get away with it, whilst vaccines and herd immunity for poorer nations is now not likely till end 2022 or beyond!

This is some scary sh*t!!!