EXPOSED! is a weekly series that runs that looks to unveil the dirty dealings of corporations, individuals and governments, often in collusion with each other. This week, Huawei.

Did intelligence operatives install backdoor into Huawei products?

Huawei is the world’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and one of the top smartphone makers in the globe.

The Huawei empire now sells products or carries the traffic of Internet users in over 170 countries.

And for more than a decade, the Shenzen based giant has faced and dismissed accusations that they have pwned billions of users on behalf of the authoritarian Chinese government.

Whether or not there is a Huawei backdoor must be thoroughly scrutinized before any conclusion can be made.

Hard evidence is scarce but this video contains an analysis of many of the major accusations and allegations of backdoors being planted into Huawei products.

Should we show Huawei the 'door'?!?

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