Women have been making significant strides in the technology world for decades. One of the strongest examples of pioneering women in technology is in the film Hidden Figures. When women make significant achievements in technology, the results are far-ranging.

One of the areas where women have made significant strides is in cryptocurrency, with the number of women registering having increased by as much as 1,000% compared to early years.

Here are some of the most influential women and their impact.

1) Galia Benarzti

Galia Benarzti is Bancor's co-founder, putting Bancor on the world stage as a decentralized trading protocol for the open financial marketplace. Forbes has named her as one of Europe's top 50 women in technology. She is a well-known figure outside Europe as well because of her accomplishments.

Benarzti regularly appears on news outlets to discuss crypto-related news. She has also spoken at the Oslo Freedom Forum and given TED talks. These appearances have increased her visibility and public awareness of crypto in general.

2) Alakanani Itireleng

Alakanani Itireleng has been a critical leader in the African cryptocurrency world. One of her most well-known innovations is the Satoshi Centre, a Botswana marketplace for Bitcoin. This marketplace has helped give African countries an advantage.

Itireleng's "BitCoin Lady" reputation has made her one of the most famous figures in the cryptocurrency world. Another significant achievement of this blockchain pioneer is El Viaje, which teaches children essential technology skills. These initiatives are examples of what crypto can accomplish in developing markets.

3) Cynthia Lummis

Cynthia Lummis is also famous as a U.S. Senator from Wyoming. This politician is one of few in the U.S. to offer resounding support for legislation supporting Bitcoin investment. Her efforts have, at least, sparked discussion about the role that cryptocurrency ought to play.

Lummis was an early Bitcoin adopter, purchasing her first in 2013 and having invested over $100,000 since then. This pioneer introduced a bipartisan cryptocurrency bill in Congress, highlighted at the Bitcoin Conference in 2022. Crypto enthusiasts have expressed hopes that these efforts will increase government support for regulations supporting crypto.

4) Elizabeth Stark

Elizabeth Stark co-founded the Lightning Lab, which created a solution for transactions called the Lightning Network. One of the effects of this solution is much faster transactions. Transaction speed has long been a concern for cryptocurrency buyers.

Stark demonstrated how Lightning Network functions to Congress, which helped increase widespread crypto use. This crypto expert also advocates for supportive regulations through involvement with the Coin Centre. Many cryptocurrency owners have hoped to have more advocacy for their cause, and proponents like Stark are leading the way.

5) Laura Shin

Laura Shin is a former Forbes editor and investigative journalist with experience writing about business, the economy, and fintech. This well-known journalist's most recent work focuses on crypto-related news. Her investigative background has helped give her stories a greater depth.

Shin's achievements include a book about cryptocurrency and a podcast. These efforts have made this woman one of the most well-known in technology. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts feel that these works will increase visibility in the long run.


Women have made significant progress in the technology world, and their work in the field of cryptocurrency is no exception. The women listed above are just examples of influential females in the crypto world.

These women's efforts have helped increase the adoption and visibility of cryptocurrency even among non-tech-savvy people or those in developing markets.

Female crypto pioneers have proven that anyone can invest in cryptocurrencies irrespective of gender or background.

Article contributed by a member of the crypto community who's been to hell and back for this sector and as a women deserves recognition on this International Women's Day whilst choosing to preserve her anonymity.

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