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Decentralize.Today is a digital media platform about all things tech: we publish news, analyses, and opinion pieces primarily on the topics of privacy, centralization and decentralization, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain tech, A.I., VR, AR, the Internet of Things, and other next-generation technologies.

Our mission is to provide a place for open and unbiased discussion that allows our readers to obtain first- hand insights from various diverse viewpoints and fosters an autonomous news and information ecosystem.

For Guest Writers

We are always looking for quality content to share with our readers. Authors on Decentralize.Today come from various backgrounds; among our writers are specialists in cybersecurity, developers, book authors, company executives, journalists, and crypto enthusiasts that regularly share their views on and insights into the space.

We welcome original content and seek ideas and opinions that are creative, authentic, intriguing, and challenging. Capture your readers with an opinion piece, a review, an interview, a short story, a critique, a letter.

Our Terms of Service for Writers

By submitting your content to Decentralize.Today, you agree to these Terms of Service (“Terms”) which address your use of Decentralize.Today and any other products and services provided by us (“Services”). We reserve the right to change these Terms at any time. If the changes are substantial, we will notify you in writing so you can decide whether to continue using Decentralize.Today. If you continue to submit content to Decentralize.Today, it is subject to the updated Terms.

Content Rights

You own the content that you post on Decentralize.Today.

When submitting to Decentralize.Today, you are granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and non-sublicensable license to access and use our Services for your personal use. You retain ownership of and responsibility for Content you create or own (“Content"). By using Decentralize.Today, you agree that we may enable advertising on the Services, including in connection with the display of your Content or other information. We may also use your Content to promote Decentralize.Today, including its products and content.

You can share Content on Decentralize.Today that you’ve shared elsewhere before. If you're posting anything you did not create yourself or do not own the rights to, you agree that you are responsible for

any Content you post; that you will only submit Content that you have the right to post; and that you will fully comply with any third-party licenses relating to Content you post.

We can reject or remove Content of yours anytime without notifying you or giving reasons.

Content by guest writers is subject to approval by the Decentralize.Today editorial team before publication.

We reserve the right to edit your Content at our own discretion. This includes, but is not limited to grammar, spelling, and syntax edits, Content adjustment or removal, and the addition or removal of images and videos.


Guest articles are not compensated. If you’d like to become an official contributor at Decentralize.Today, please send your resume and cover letter together with a few samples of your work to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are always looking for writers to join our team.

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Every guest writer at Decentralize.Today will be assigned an editable user profile. You can adjust your profile picture and bio in accordance with our Terms of Service. You can remove your profile anytime. In doing so, your

By submitting Content to Decentralize.Today, you agree to these Terms.