With the upsurge in more travel restriction sand stay/work at home orders, the team at decentralize.today would like to present you with a gift of a 'survival' kit...THE FAKEATION!

Let the Privacy Advocate explain...

When the world suddenly changed because of the ongoing pandemic, it led to many of us having to 'endure' the boredom of the locked-down life. We worked from home (WFH) and ended most days with some Netflix, rinse, repeat! Boring!

Well, that might have been different and some fun to start with but, if, for instance, you have an energetic/adventurous partner and/or young kids then it gets old real quick! You have limited options for travel or even leaving the home whilst all staying safe! We got some respite by enrolling them for online activities and classes and attempted to replace their lost time with friends by use use of the myriad of safe online communication providers e.g. Jiti-meet or Signal.

And yes I did not include Zoom or Facebook very deliberately as this is not what my kids do and I honestly think it isn't where you really want your kids to be either!

About a month ago we come up with a new concept to keep us amused and occupied over the weekends...we invented Fakeations! In short, we choose a destination for the trip and then launch into preparing the foods and securing the drinks of the region or country, dress up, played appropriate music, made decorations and even took the opportunity to talk to the kids about where we were 'going' so covering language, culture, location in the world...nothing too heavy...it is a vacation after all!

It started with a trip to Mexico, we had the terrace decorated Mexican, made some Mexican food and even put a pool up for the kids to swim in. I had some drinks with a neighbor who was surprisingly on the same fakeation, and we ended up having Corona (the beer!) and Tequila shots, combined with nachos and other great Mexican foods, we had a blast. And we decided that we would be doing this every weekend!

The following weekend we ended up in Europe, in Bavaria to be exact (with a quick round trip to Scotland that evening, not because we ran out of Bavarian food or beer, but as Glasgow Rangers were playing, and hell a scotch and our football team on TV is reason enough to move the Fakeation for a couple of hours). Wife and kids enjoyed the football, some great food and a real great family bonding experience, just like the week before.

The week after took us to Cuba, fantstic cubana sandwiches, some cocktails, rum and Cuban cigars for the grown-ups! The kids were in the 'Guantamino' pool and had a blast!

Last weekend we went to Chiang Mai in Thailand! Great Thai cuisine, as anyone who knows me knows I have a thing for Thai food, it is, in my book, one the best foods in the world. My wife nails Thai food which is an absolute bonus and it was a blast, ending the day with more football plus some cold Singha and Chang beer. Oh, and some more scotch because...well..there is always space for a little more scotch.

We are looking at doing Tokyo this coming weekend so looking forward to some great sushi, sashimi and some great Japanese curry dishes. Ending the day with some Japanese Whisky it could be another great Saturday.

And as with every Sunday (it's a mild hangover for me) and a kids day which is typical in many cultures. Who knows, maybe the lock-down will see a resurgence in family gatherings in future...that might not be such a bad outcome in my mind.

My point with today's blogpiece is to make the best out of any and every situation, get on a fakeaction, have some fun, use your imagination, dress up, maybe even as if you are going fine dining even though it is just on your own balcony. Life is too short to just wait for this pandemic to end so let the world come to you.

Well, we hope this works for you, the team at dt have some party plans in place for the next few days...so batten down your hatches, shut up shop and come join us...err...wherever you fancy!

We will keep dropping items on our SM feeds as the struggle never stops! You all have a good one!
The Great Fakeation - kiddy-on holidays for grown ups
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