DT Intro: Some months back, we featured one of Tutanota's, a  top Press officers, Hanna Bozakov, in the 21 Questions series. This week, we have received the following update from the German based privacy focussed email provider on new developments at a company whose product we really appreciate!

"Today, the encrypted email service Tutanota ends the beta phase of its highly secure desktop clients after two and a half years of testing: https://tutanota.com/blog/posts/desktop-clients-end-beta/

“Before pushing the desktop clients out of beta, we commenced an extensive security review to make sure the desktop clients are safe to use”, explains co-founder Matthias Pfau.

Most secure clients

The Tutanota desktop clients for Windows, MacOS and Linux are the most secure desktop clients on the market as they automatically encrypt all data contained in your mailbox.

Man-in-the-middle is impossible

One major advantage of the Tutanota desktop clients compared to most email services is that the client automatically checks the signature upon updates. This means that the clients make sure that no one – not even if someone were able to hack the Tutanota servers – would be able to infiltrate a backdoor into the Tutanota desktop clients.

Outstanding features of the desktop clients:

* search of encrypted data locally on the device via a search index,
* spell checker for multiple languages,
* two-factor authentication (TOTP),
* open files,
* send notifications for new emails and calendar reminders,
* set mailto handler.

Offline mode is coming

Now that the desktop clients have left the beta phase, we will continue to extend them in features. We are currently working on implementing the Whitelabel option that is already available in the web client also for the desktop clients and apps.

But, most importantly, we are working on offline support. This feature will allow users to access their encrypted mailbox also when not connected to the internet.

In an era of data breaches and identity thefts, emails must be kept private!

“With data breaches and identity theft being the number one security risk for every Internet user, the future of email must be private: Our mailboxes contain so much valuable information, and are connected to so many online services (Amazon, Facebook, PayPal, etc.) that it becomes increasingly important to have a secure mailbox. Storing data unencrypted ‘in the cloud’ is just not an option anymore”, says Pfau. “With the addition of the desktop clients, Tutanota has matured into a convenient and secure alternative to privacy-invading services such as Gmail and Yahoo.”

With Tutanota people no longer have to choose between usability and security. By making sure that all data is always end-to-end encrypted, only the user owns their data. Tutanota's automatic encryption enables businesses and private users to use the benefits of the cloud - availability, accessibility, cost-efficiency, automatic back-up - without ever giving up on data sovereignty."

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