I guess we can all agree that YouTube can be entertaining, might even be a good source for news and that you can use it to listen to all kinds of music.

This is all great, yet as you know YouTube is Google, and Google is not your friend. Google is the kid that claims to be your friend, but then spits in your food when you are not looking.

In chapter 7.2 we have covered all sorts of solutions like Invidious, that I would still recommend for your daily YouTube watching experience when it comes to your favorite YouTube channel, or the music you might stream the best solution stays with Invidious,

Ultimately, PeerTube would also be a great replacement. On Android you have, of course, NewPipe, which also allows you to download videos or just the MP3 files for music. Both Invidious (some instances) and NewPipe let you subscribe to your favorite channels, without the need for a Google account!

Today's I want to share a pretty good download solution called YouTube-dl, written in Python and fully open-source. You can download with the YouTube-dl solution, YouTube, Dailymotion, Photobucket, Facebook, Yahoo, Metacafe, Depositfiles and a few others.

Here's how:


Installing youtube-dl is super simple when you are on Ubuntu, hit up the terminal and type:

sudo apt install youtube-dl

On other Linux distros you can use:

sudo wget https://yt-dl.org/downloads/latest/youtube-dl -O /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl

After fetching the file, make it executable:

sudo chmod a+rx /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl

perhaps check for updates from time to time, by typing:

youtube-dl -U

To download a video, just type:

youtube-dl <video_url>

Replace the VIDEO_URL with the actual video URL you like to download.

You can also download the video in different formats, to see what is available just type:

youtube-dl -F <video_url>

You should get an output like this:

37      :       mp4     [1080x1920]
46      :       webm    [1080x1920]
22      :       mp4     [720x1280]
45      :       webm    [720x1280]
35      :       flv     [480x854]
44      :       webm    [480x854]
34      :       flv     [360x640]
18      :       mp4     [360x640]
43      :       webm    [360x640]
5       :       flv     [240x400]
17      :       mp4     [144x176]```

Choose the option you prefer with a comment like that:

youtube-dl -f 37<video_url>

If you want to download only an audio file you can do so with one of those two comments:

youtube-dl -x <video_url>

In a format like MP3 use:

youtube-dl -x --audio-format mp3 <video_url>

Now this sounds geeky, yet it's powerful! What about a GUI solution you ask?

An easy solution which doesn't need any to installing is:


Of course the solution is open-source and super simple, with a drawback as it only allows to download video files, no MP3 or sound only file is possible.

Read more on AllTubeDownload Github Page

A beautiful GUI version, which not only works on Linux, but also on Windows or macOS, is youtube-dl GUI

Release v1.8.7 · jely2002/youtube-dl-gui
Changelog: Change build process for linux distributables so they work on paranoid linux distro’s (Debian, Arch). (#26)

Tartube is another GUI option what allows you to download YouTube Videos.

A GUI front-end for youtube-dl, partly based on youtube-dl-gui and written in Python 3 / Gtk 3 - axcore/tartube

Last but surely not least you can install FreeTube, what is a great YouTube watching solution, a kind of a NewPipe for desktops. It works on Windows, Linux and macOS and it is of course open-source and privacy respecting.

FreeTube - The Private YouTube Client

As you can see, you don't have to quit YouTube to enjoy a Google free YouTube experience.

Once you start downloading music and videos, they might end up as well in your Kodi setup ;)

Add-on:Youtube-dl - Official Kodi Wiki
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In case you hadn’t realised by now, I am kind of a Raspberry-Pi fan. One of thebest uses for a Raspberry-Pi is to protect your privacy, Pi-Hole and AdguardHomeboth run smoothly on a Pi, but today’s entry is about something about which I amvery passionate. If you read the EXPOSED [https://dt.gl/tag/exposed/…

Good luck and stay safe! See you next week!