Blockchain technology can transform the care industry through tokenised care rewards and democratised data ownership. Care 3.0?

This Care Case presented by ReMeLife

For too long carers have been under-appreciated and under-rewarded. For too long home carers and families have struggled with inadequate support. And now we find ourselves in difficult times, care is just getting harder. Yet the tech giants, just get stronger.

It’s Time For Change

ReMeLife strives to be this change, a pioneering social impact business that offers the world’s first and unique crypto rewards-based care model. Democratising the value inherent in digital care work and capturing it’s unique ELR personal data set for members to monetise.

ReMeLife’s suite of free apps enables members to build a ‘care to earn’ care work derived passive income and to access a CareFi Unity Plan (a suite of DeFi based care focused financial products) to plan for their future. ReMeLife shares its wealth with its members, through a smart contract managed member governed DAO.

This a new world for care, one that’s intended to bring ‘sharing to caring’ and community into care; to make care giving more fun, more eclectic, and less burdensome for those in the frontline. ReMeLife proves that ‘Crypto Cares’.

With a post COVID-19 enhanced opportunity to introduce new technology and scale rapidly, the current seed funding round is live for all to participate and be early supporters. This will enable the completion of Phase 2 of the build and launch.

The Problems With Care
Healthcare is in a state of disarray and evolution. Many care sectors are in financial difficulties and policy makers are working hard to find new solutions to the ever-present financial crisis that healthcare is impacted by. Whether it’s the ever-increasing elderly care sector, the growing figures for dementia diagnosis or the cost pressures on hospitals, the solution is often expected to emerge from a combination of two key factors; tech advances and a change in the consumers attitude to their role and responsibilities in managing their own care and that of their family.

“I believe that individuals nowadays are more aware of their inner loneliness than ever before in history.” Carl Rogers, Father of person-centred psychology.

The Problems With Society
The Silicon Valley advertising model harvests data and profits inequitably from those who own it and in return delivers targeted marketing, fake news and content that promotes social friction, and contributes to an ever-increasing wealth divide. Consumers fear a loss of freedoms, whilst care providers, organisations and charities face ever decreasing sources of revenue.

The Opportunity
Healthcare and our caring networks are more important than ever, with populations growing and living for longer. This demand is stretching public sector funding and impacting on care. Our commercial and family care networks are struggling to cope with needs, which is leading to a crisis of isolation and loneliness impacting people who need support.

Technology is enabling us to connect with people in need of care in new ways which are simple and cost effective. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated to the global community how we can connect whilst in isolation. Digital tools and artificial intelligence are breaking down connection barriers for support and, combined with decentralised blockchain technology, new opportunities for sharing data and value are being enabled.

Enter ReMeLife, creating a technology driven caring ecosystem which connects and rewards those who participate.

The ReMeLife Suite

ReMeLife is the consumer care platform that provides free apps to its members that supports their care needs and that offers means to capture the digital value in their daily care actions.

RemindMecare App achieves better person-centered care, assisting care circle and community engagement, and remote care monitoring. Carers better know the person and deliver bespoke activities, delivering ROI for care providers by increasing engagement and satisfaction levels.

ReMe Connect Alexa delivers a suite of proprietary Alexa care skills providing remote monitoring, medication and scheduling reminders and entertainment-based engagement.

Rooms assists families connect remotely using video, and care businesses to promote their products and perform their services remotely.

ReMe Market provides a shop front to the ReMeLife membership, for vendors to present their products and services, offer a discount and enable a token-based purchase to happen.

ReMe Data enables member management of data ownership and rewards for data sharing through a tokenised relationship.

$REME Tokens are the rewards earned from multiple Care Actions and data sharing use cases, and that are used in the ReMe Market to receive discounted purchases or traded on decentralised exchanges.

The ReMeLife Business

The ReMeLife Agency (RAGE) provides the means to purchase REMEs within the ecosystem, for both members and businesses that wish to participate in the opportunity that the global ReMeLife membership community provides.

The ReMeLife Community is the non-profit business that owns the ReMeLife Token Ecoystem and provides the management services for ReMeLife DAO. Its own blockchain, The ReMe Chain, provides members rewards and, when converted to the REME ERC20 token, ensures they benefit from transparency and tracability.

$REME Token

The ReMeLife Token Ecosystem addresses multiple care use-cases where rewards have been shown to be incentives for better care. Undoubtedly, many more will be found suitable as the business progresses.

Token Based Incentivised Care Ecosystem

Members earn Care Action Points (CAPs) as they use the digital activity-based person-centred care solutions to undertake their daily care circle needs, and for referring ReMeLife to their personal network. These are converted to REME utility tokens on the ReMeChain (using the Clique proof-of-authority consensus protocol, so there are no energy costs), that can be used to make purchases in the ReMe Market.

Consumer Token Use Examples

  • Jane becomes a ReMeLife Member to use the proprietary care tools for her mother, such as ReMe Connect Alexa, Rooms and RemindMecare.
  • Her ReMe Wallet fills up with CAPs (Care Action Points) as her invited family and friends join their care circles and become ReMeLife Members.
  • They all make daily care actions (i.e medication reminders, ReMeMeets video chats, activities, etc.) and receive more CAPs.
  • When Jane want’s to use these CAPs, she can convert to ERC20 Ethereum $REME reward tokens, on the ReMeChain, to avoid ETH gas costs.
  • Jane can then use REMEs to buy discounted products from ReMe Market’s suppliers (live performances on ReMe Meets, care products, even a hip replacement from Acibadem).
  • Or Jane can use the ReMeExchange which will provide a number of buy and sell services allowing REME holders to convert into other cryptos or fiat.

Jane’s ReMe Wallet balance grows passively as she also receives REMEs when her ReMeLife community members buy products and services. She opts to donate her data for research and to use it commercially, and so regularly gains more REMEs.

Business Token Use Examples

  • A musician promotes his events in ReMe Market and performs to care homes using the ReMe Meets end to end service.
  • REMEs can be used for payment and earned for attendance.
  • Businesses such as insurance companies can use tokens for promotion and marketing.

The uses for REME tokens are almost limitless, such as for empowering individuals, businesses, care organisations, and local care charities to share in the rewards that can be gained from working together.

The ReMe Wallet

To facilitate the holding, viewing and trading of the ReMeLife tokens, the ReMe Wallet and ReMe Community Builder (RRP) are provided at registration. And, even if the Member does nothing, they will accrue REME community tokens in the background as their friends and family members enrol others and engage with each other by undertaking care actions. Basically, tokens are earned passively in a similar manner to the many retail rewards schemes that are so successful (Such as Air Miles or Tesco Tokens) but in the case of ReMeLife, they are rewarded for the care actions given to loved ones and those in need of care.

That is intended to incentivise us all to “do more” for our families, our neighbours, and our communities; to stimulate our children to greater participation in care and community engagement; and to regenerate social connectivity through rewards.

The ReMe Community Builder

When a person or business becomes a ReMeLife Member, they immediately receive a REME Wallet and access to the ReMeLife Referral Program interface (RRP). The RRP will show them that they have immediately earned REME community tokens(CAPs) for having joined and illustrate that if they invite family members, friends and ideally their whole network to join as ReMeLife members, then they will earn more REME community tokens. Importantly, and this is at the heart of the viral tokenomics model, when any of their network, down to three levels, invites their network to join, then they also earn REME community tokens.

The ReMeLife Community Builder provides a means for members to import their own personal networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., into ReMeLife as ReMeLife members. They will earn CAPs for every Member registered down to three levels deep, and these tokens can be converted to REMEs.

Key Partners

ReMeLife’s Partners are the marketing engine. These include Sharp, Acibadem and Equideum (ConsenSys Health). ReMeLife assists them reach and engage with their target audiences, and they bring both members at scale and revenue, as they generate sales of both ReMeLife’s and their own products and services.

Sharp — Partner sales relationship with Sharp such that they package ReMe in with their care sector hardware sales, notably with Touch Screens.

touch screen interaction for users of RemindMeCare
RemindMeCare integration with Sharp hardware

Amazon — Provides hardware, software expertise, event hosting sponsorship and support with the ongoing development of the unique Alexa based care skills that is being built.

RemindMeCare integration with Amazon Alexa

PingBit — Develops hardware and web platform integrated solutions for remote patient monitoring. Medical software and hardware development, medical distance education solutions, real-time and interactive case sharing tools, cloud-based platforms for teleradiology, mobile applications for emergency care.

PingBit with RemindMeCare
RemindMeCare Integration with PingBit

Acibadem — One of the world’s largest private hospital groups, RemindMecare is integrated with their post treatment suite of support care apps, including Pingbit.

Equideum — ReMeLife is partnered with the health focused arm of ConsenSys, the founders of Ethereum blockchain, to develop consumer focused solutions to achieve improved health care, using token based incentivised health care and decentralised data management.

Although temporarily halted by Covid-19, ReMeLife’s revenue runway is substantial; from ReMe Connect Alexa’s monthly subscriptions and Sharp’s sale of RemindMecare embedded in their care products, to Acibadem’ s planned use of both for post treatment support of their 1 million patients. Then, there’s revenue from ReMe Market’s affiliate products and services, ReMeMeets events and the ReMeLife Token Ecosystem. ReMeLife is a viral platform.

ReMe Member

Become part of an early-stage but established business, partnered with leading health care providers and crypto businesses, that’s at the beginning of a virally driven growth curve. If achieving significant social impact, coupled with scalable revenues and rapid global penetration, using social media, the decentralising nature of blockchain and the democratisation of data, is of interest, then ReMeLife is for you.

  • Participate in the current funding round which is designed to remove barriers for every-day people to invest and become an early supporter of the project. Long gone are the days where you had to be a savvy, capital rich investor to benefit from early investment into high potential projects.
  • Sign up as a Member and register your ReMe Wallet to start earning rewards when you invite your network to join. Get building your wallet in preperation for the ReMe Market and so much more.
  • Enquire about the RemindMeCare app for home or business.
  • Stay up to date with us Twitter / LinkedIn

Crypto Cares

The healthcare revolution will be tokenised
Blockchain technology can transform the care industry through tokenised care rewards and democratised data ownership. Care 3.0?

Thanks to ReMeLife for sharing this example.

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