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However, today is somewhat different from previous T-Storms as we're delving into the murky waters of British politics and expose how insults are traded across the political divide in a way that only the Brits can do.

Setting party politics aside this is a hilarious insight into how people attempt to deride and belittle others political opinions by questioning their food choices...sad but true!

All kicked off by the resignation of the recently appointed Home Secretary (full story below) followed 4 days later by the standing down of the current PM after just 44 days in office.

The author, Séamas O'Reilly@shockproofbeats

Suella Braverman: My Part In Her Downfall.

Please Suella Braverman, try at least to keep your insults relevant
When Suella Braverman, who has just left her post as Home Secretary, stood up at the dispatch box this week to decry tofu, I felt it deep in my waters, namely the milky white waters in the small plastic wrapping of my soul.

The author, Séamas O'Reilly@shockproofbeats

The whole Suella Braverman thing is mortifying but tofu is such a hack reference. Chronologically, the evil Guardian foods go quiche, lentils, hummus, yogurt THEN tofu, then lattes, avocados, kale and quinoa and now we're years deep into jackfruit, kimchi and natural wine.

The author, Séamas O'Reilly@shockproofbeats

Those sour-faced, teletext-reading yuppies at the Guardian, with their hula hoops and their Rubik's cubes.


The author, Séamas O'Reilly@shockproofbeats

The hammerblow that ended The Braverman Era?

Not for me to say.

Damian Barr@Damian_Barr

Dated and hated. The worst.

The author, Séamas O'Reilly@shockproofbeat

Guardian First Hates.

Frances 'Cassandra' Coppola@Frances_Coppola

didn't Goji berries make a cameo appearance at one point?

The author, Séamas O'Reilly@shockproofbeats·Oct 19

Goji berries are a good shout for a new one, although I don't think they've crossed over in the same way. Ditto pomegranate seeds Space prohibited me from including muesli, which I feel was holding the fort all by itself for years once quiche died down.

axaxaxas lmäo@demarionunn

please seamas, this is polenta erasure

The author, Séamas O'Reilly@shockproofbeats

Yeah, between this and muesli I'm really feeling bad about my sour faced wokerati cred rn

An Owl Called Sage@AnOwlCalledSage

A rookie error. I feel that you've left out halloumi from that list. Alway prominent in The Guardian


The author, Séamas O'Reilly@shockproofbeats

Who writes those things

john lappin@johnlappin

A delicious feast.

Heidi Stephens@heidistephens

It was a sad day when oat milk went mainstream.


got some Aldi oat milk the other day - really good! And doesn't have the appallingly cringe copy of Oatly

Daniel Mudford@DanielMudford

Don't forget us, the sandal-wearers!

Ballad of Balfe@BalladOfBalfe

Don't worry, we're inheriting the earth....  #blessed


No space for Kombucha at all? Still too niche?


Nor tempeh. I mean, really...

Margaret Brown@MagsTheObscure

You forgot granola. Was that before or after quiche?


Wait, was granola ever a thing in the UK? Reads so American to me.

Donal O'Donovan@donalodonovan

Surely smoked salmon and muesli each get a big look in there.

Ballad of Balfe@BalladOfBalf

Smoked salmon is specifically for socialists (in Ireland anyway).

Tom Peck@tompeck

Reads like a John Masefield.

Robert Campbell - I Stand With Ukraine.@madman2

Reads like my shopping list

John Moore@JohnOfNorwich

Ah, but it takes a long while for this information to permeate through to Mail/Telegraph world, most of whom won't have heard of jackfruit yet.


You say jackfruits, they say jackboots

Read the entire hilarious tweet thread here:

The author, Séamas O’Reilly (@shockproofbeats)
The whole Suella Braverman thing is mortifying but tofu is such a hack reference. Chronologically, the evil Guardian foods go quiche, lentils, hummus, yogurt THEN tofu, then lattes, avocados, kale and quinoa and now we’re years deep into jackfruit, kimchi and natural wine.

And the Truss vs The Lettuce reference explained here:

Iceberg lettuce in blond wig outlasts Liz Truss
Supermarket salad is crowned winner of bizarre competition that attracted global media attention
'she couldn't romaine, cos she was poor, it truly was the endive days...'

For more Top Notch British humour, follow 'so very british' on Tweeter/Nitter:

VeryBritishProblems (@SoVeryBritish)
How to say “my meal is bad” It’s certainly differentNot what I expectedYours looks niceI’ve had better/worseI wouldn’t order it againGood to have a change It’s an acquired tasteI’m glad I tried itIt’s fine, honestlyI’ve never seen it cooked this wayIt’s interestingMmm

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