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Daily Dose: 'The Government Should Fear AI, Not Crypto'

The government should fear AI, not crypto: Galaxy Digital CEOGalaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz wants regulators to shift their attention towards AI, an industry that he thinks may cause an “deep fake” identity crisis.CointelegraphBrayden Lindrea Mike Novogratz, the CEO of digital asset investment firm Galaxy Digital told investors he...


Daily Dose: CZ Denied Allegations of Market Manipulations

Breaking: Binance CEO CZ rejects allegations of market manipulationBinance CEO Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao has denied allegationsthat Binance trades for profit and engages in market manipulation tactics.CointelegraphBrayden Lindrea Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao has rejected allegations from the Commodities Futures and Trading Commission, arguing that the crypto exchange “does not...


Daily Dose: KOR Authorities Tracking Down Terra Co-Founder

Terra co-founder in S.Korean crosshairs following Do Kwon arrestProsecutors are undertaking a renewed push to detain Daniel Shin, but no official announcement has been made.CointelegraphArijit Sarkar Following Terraform Labs’ co-founder Do Kwon’s arrest in Montenegro while trying to board a plane using fake documents, South Korean authorities...


Daily Dose: New OpenAI Plugins for ChatGPT

ChatGPT can now access the internet with new OpenAI pluginsOpenAI has released a new plugin feature on ChatGPT which enables the chatbot to connect with third-party websites. It is now possible for users to book international flights, buy things from e-commerce platforms, and have food delivered to their doorstep with...


Daily Dose: 'CBDC Could Destabilize Banks, Help Households'

Adopting CBDC could destabilize banks, help households, US Treasury study saysA U.S. Treasury study has found that the introduction of a central bank digital currency would increase household welfare, but only under certain conditions.CointelegraphDerek Andersen Fully integrating a stablecoin or central bank digital currency into the economy would...


Daily Dose: $40M Raised for 'Surveillance-Free' Internet

Anonymous DAO tomi raises $40M for ‘surveillance-free’ internetAn anonymous group of developers known as tomi is building a “surveillance-free alternative” to the internet.CointelegraphSam Bourgi Alternative internet developer tomi has raised $40 million from venture capital firms as part of a broader effort to lure content creators to its decentralized...

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