Life during lockdown

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Talent Management Strategies For Startup Companies

Part 2 of 3 by Career Karma Every startup needs talent management strategies in order to experience as a team. Talent management is not an easy job. From selecting and acquiring top talents into the company, to the retention and proper management of these talents, certain strategies must be put...

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Leading Trends in the Future of Remote Work

Findings out of the USA point to the road ahead According to research from Gartner, 30 percent of employees were working remotely before the pandemic. 2020 was a decisive year for remote work, as the percentage of people working from home increased from 30 percent to 48 percent. In 2021,...

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Privacy Advocate

Happy Fakeations!!!

With the upsurge in more travel restriction sand stay/work at home orders, the team at decentralize.today would like to present you with a gift of a 'survival' kit...THE FAKEATION! Let the Privacy Advocate explain... When the world suddenly changed because of the ongoing pandemic, it led to...

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Time to get organized!

DT Intro: Whilst a lot of us spend our lives online, that doesn't release us from the more mundane necessity of managing and organizing our physical environment. This has been highlighted during the stay-at-home periods many of us have endured during the pandemic lockdowns and as our work and living...

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