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Privacy Advocate

Feature: 5 simple tips for improving digital privacy

Privacy is the first layer of security, and you can avoid many security threats by not making yourself a target. Here are some simple tips to get you started. Privacy is the first level of security. By keeping a low profile, you can greatly reduce the chance of being targeted...

Privacy Advocate

Privacy Update: The Inevitable Rise of the Crypto Hardware Wallet

Hardware Wallets Are Becoming a Crypto Must-Have in 2023 In Brief * The hardware wallet industry has boomed since the FTX collapse. * The community no longer trusts custodial wallets, and hardware wallets provide a ready-made non-custodial solution. * There are also non-custodial software solutions, which provide a similar service without the risk...

Privacy Advocate

Product Review: Aegis & Raivo The New Oil weighs up the options

What is 2FA and Why Do You Need It? 2FA is an abbreviation for “two-factor authentication,” which is basically what it sounds like. Usernames and passwords are a form of authentication; if you don’t know the username and/or password, you cannot be authenticated, or prove that you are...

Privacy Advocate

Privacy Update: Improved protection against email trackers from ProtonMail

Over 166 billion emails containing tracking pixels are sent every day, our recent analysis suggests. This means that 50% of all emails are sent with the aim to collect recipients’ data without their explicit consent. This is how @ProtonMail prevents this: Improved protection against email trackers | ProtonYou can protect more...

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