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Privacy Advocate

Reading is beautiful

Are you someone who likes to track your reading? If so, then GoodReads may come to mind. However, GoodReads is an Amazon company and tracks a little too much for my liking. Plus, if you follow, you'll know we love Mastodon and that is where Bookwyrm comes in....

Big H

EXPOSED UPDATE! Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos and some bad blood

Following the conclusion of a second trial relating to the Theranos company failure, we provide a timely update with a warning to tech start-ups across the spectrum! Ramesh "Sunny" Balwani, the former COO of failed blood testing startup Theranos and ex-boyfriend of founder Elizabeth Holmes, has been found guilty of...

Privacy Advocate

The Hated One and the world's greatest cellphone

Another explosive video from one of our favourite privacy defenders! Here's How They Built The Most Secure Phone On The Planet The champion of privacy and security is an open source mobile operating system built by a non-profit. This is how GrapheneOS built the most secure phone on the planet...

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