I like the pitch drop experiment even though it may be more boring than watching paint dry. Pitch (ex: asphalt) is highly viscous liquids that appear in solid form. The best-known experiment version started in 1927 in the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

Pitch was heated and placed in a funnel in 1927 by Prof. Thomas Parnell. He let the pitch settle for 3 years and then cut the bottom of the funnel to let the pitch flow. 8 years after the cut, the first pitch dropped into the beaker.


After the 7th drop, the time it took for a drop has increased somewhat significantly. They believe the reason to be the airconditioning. Viscosity increases with lower temperatures thus a cooler temperature increases the time gap between drops.

A paper was written in 1984 and according to the calculations there, pitch is 230 billion times thicker than water.

The pitch drop experiment - IOPscience

Halvings feel similar to changes in the liquid pressure of pitch. P=hdg . Where P is pressure, h is height above, d is density and g is gravity. As more drops happen the pressure above decreases and eventually slows down the flow of the pitch.


At some point mining of 1 bitcoin will feel like pitch drops. The time it will take to add 1 new bitcoin to the circulating supply will be 18 days at halving round 24 (year 2104).

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