By @AnilSaidSo

The technical side of Bitcoin can be intimidating. Luckily you have access to the most skilled teachers. Here are my favorite explainer threads:

1/ Hash Functions

2/ Address Generation

3/ Proof of Work

4/ Blocks

5/ Mempool

6/ Difficulty Adjustment

7/ Settlement

8/ Full Nodes

About the author

Anil is an independent bitcoin educator based in Canada. He holds an MBA, CBP and was part of MIT's inaugural FinTech certificate cohort. He's guest-lectured at Business schools and launched the first Bitcoin-specific university scholarship in Canada. His focus is on simplifying concepts through visuals and storytelling to make bitcoin easier to comprehend.

You can follow him on Twitter @anilsaidso

You can pre-order his book representing approximately 3,000 hours of research, teaching, writing and design in an effort to best communicate Bitcoin as a concept.

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