In a word "Nowhere" and in three words "Nowhere and everywhere"

"May you live in interesting times" is commonly believed to be an ancient Chinese pleasantry (broadly speaking, it isn't) but there is no better way to describe the last two years.

Many of us have had to face up to the impacts of the pandemic be it at a personal, community or work level and many of us are still navigating towards some form of 'normality'. We are no different!

But, in most cases, there is no normal to which we can return so we need to adapt...hold on to what we need, want and can, where possible, and then move on.

On Networking

So while we will to continue to make the site our key platform, we are going to expand our social media presence.

Our main offer will continue to be broadcast on Mastodon, Twitter, Element and Telegram, as at present, and we'll seek to expand our follower numbers as well as boost the amount of content.

We are constantly looking to identify new, innovative, decentralized apps to add to the mix (wehe, lemmy, twetch...) as well as occasionally floating a post on Medium (where we still maintain an account) and reddit (or the decentralized version teddit!) when we have something appropriate to share with those audiences.

We have a good solid following, the amusing thing here is that we're constantly being told by advertisers that we don't...what they fail to realize, and what we don't point out to them is that so many of our followers apply ad blockers, anti-trackers, DNS, VPN etc or are anonymous on Mastodon, for example, that we don't know who you are, how many there are of you and where you're from....and we don't need to know!

On Content

We will continue to rely largely on user generated content, including regular contributions from our guest writers.

Our subject focus will remain decentralization, blockchain, cryptocurrency and privacy, however, we are looking to put greater emphasis on real case use and decentralized finance (DeFi) as we move towards mass adoption and coin/token utilization.

We will continue to run our occasional features and would be more than happy to get suggestions or topics from you for any of these:

The Privacy Advocate's Privacy Cookbook


21Questions - new questions for 2022

Tweetstorm - can be funny, technical, controversial, argumentation...we'll consider them all!

Daily Dose

NB: from next week, we will switch the regular episode of EXPOSED!  to Fridays with the Cookbook being published on Monday. Likewise, we are pushing the launch time of our daily piece to +UTC9 (from 8 as at present).

On Support

We have discussed this at length over the past few months and it comes down to the simple recognition of the fact that as a privacy focused site we cannot justify accepting support in exchange for advertising goods and services, we promote ad blockers can hardly turn round and accept funds from the very people we are helping exclude online.

Likewise, we have occasionally accepted links to information sites and embedded them alongside appropriate articles as a reference link. This has become increasingly problematic, least of which is dealing with bots and having to vet everything for hidden links (dofollow being one obvious one) despite our requests for none! So we will discontinue this practice as well.

However, and this is not new, whilst we run the site as a 'passion project', a 'labour of love' if you will, it is a continual drain on our collective resources. So we are throwing ourselves open to financial support by way of any one of several cryptocurrencies. We can provide a breakdown but between hosting, security, legals, email service, (non-intrusive) analytics, calendar and site management etc., we are looking at north of USD 300 per calendar month.

If you believe in privacy and the defence of basic human rights, then please help us spread the message! Every little helps.

We publish a daily dose of decentralization here every day (UTC+9), for additional daily updates follow us on Mastodon, Twitter, Telegram or Element(Matrix). Please like & share all our output. We rely on User-Generated Content so why not write for us and since we try to avoid ads and sponsorship, why not donate to help us continue our work - all major cryptos accepted. You can contact us at and at
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