Who we are, and why you'll want to write for us!

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So, in the beginning, or probably more appropriately,  "In a galaxy far far away..." Decentralize Today started up 6-7 years ago as a blog on Medium. And when there we were reasonably 'successful', and had a nice number of writers and several thousand followers and readers.

However, there was always the feeling that we could 'do more', that we could and should deliver a resource that supported, promoted and actually 'lived' the decentralized life we talked so much about. It has never been about the numbers, we just wanted to communicate, share, educate and to do that with professionalism and pride.

So we sharpened our scope, transferred the blog to its own secured site (along with the alternate, ultra-secure, super short TOR enabled dt.gl URL), 'rebranded' as decentralize.today, adopted the Ghost blogging software in order to be more privacy-friendly and committed to deliver to our promise of being 'Your Daily Dose of Decentralization' by posting at least one quality article each and every day.

Don't worry, we're not using this article to announce that we are about to shut down the site, far from it...in fact we are taking actions to expand our reach and make your participation even easier! At decentralize.today, decentralizing is in our DNA, so we move on and continue that process.

How to contribute

Option one - writing under your own name

This option requires you becoming a registered writer.

All you need to do is contact us via an email or a Telegram, Riot or Threema message, (for which full details are given below) and include an email link.

Following receipt of the request, we will forward an invite and you can sign up. This will require a username and password.

It does not require you to provide your identity (unless you so chose to do so) and it is completely secure as we do not collect or store any of the IP data within our system.

Once you begin to submit your work, you can decide what you wish to disclose in the bio section we can include at the end of any published articles.

And to assist with your submission, we provide you with access to the Ghost editor app, one of the most powerful & versatile open source publishing platforms around and you'll be able to select from the three official apps, on Linux, Mac or Windows.

For further information and a preview of the editing features, see our Writers Recipe Book page:


Option two - submitting directly and/or anonymously  

This option requires next to nothing! Just drop us an email, Telegram, Element/Riot or Threema message with your article in plain text and we'll publish it for you under any suggested name or simply as 'Anonymous'! And we are more than happy to receive your email with PGP encryption applied!

Whistleblowers welcome!

Email: blog@decentralize.today

PGP encrypted email: pgp@decentralize.today

Version: OpenPGP.js v4.6.2
Comment: https://openpgpjs.org


Telegram: O_S_Layman

Element: hamok888

Threema: 9FW37R44

Tor/Onion Service: 4relgfjrpcir5jg6bj3jzhrujc5d5zvbbwx27sg2jtgzuhnhv56antad.onion

Option three - submitting via write.as and/or submit.as

Write.as and Submit.as are now partnering with decentralize.today to give writers and contributors an easy way to send in articles and connect to the Fediverse!

Submit here:


Or as Write.as famously puts it:

"Less distraction, more writing"
Free your thoughts
We don't track you, so you can write exactly what you feel. Write anonymously or under different identities, giving you full control over who knows what about you. Write.as is used by writers, students, and everyday people who need a safe outlet online.

With Submit.as you can use your Fediverse/Write.as or WriteFreely username and have the article directly linked into your profile. Alternatively, you can submit articles anonymously and then we take care of the rest.

"Clear the clutter and focus on your writing"
Guidance for contributing writers
We are always looking for quality content. Our contributing writers come from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and professions. And whi...

PLUS: We promote your content!

You write, we promote through our extensive social media network, looking forward to hearing from you soon!