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In the realm of the DEX boom, Uniswap V3 is running late. That’s the project that carved out a niche one day and conquered the crypto market. Let’s face the music – even titans can lose over time. The next-gen platform that has become ahead of the pack is Algebra.Finance.

Algebra is the innovative all-in-one DEX built on Polygon, powered by concentrated liquidity and offering game-changing features – ones you won’t find anywhere else.


Dynamic fees

Uniswap V3 features 3 pools and liquidity providers can’t predict the best one to add liquidity; they have to move liquidity between pools to get the highest fees. Algebra offers only 1 pool which solves this problem; dynamic fees vary on volatility, trading & pool volumes. This way, price slippage and impermanent loss are minimized.

Built-in farming

Uniswap doesn’t have in-platform farming whereas Algebra does. Built-in farming allows liquidity providers to earn rewards on extra project tokens. You don’t need to harness external smart contracts as on Uniswap.

Smart Routing.

Algebra uses all available pools for the best partition of the trade, not using one pool only as most the DEXs. LP decreases impermanent loss risks while traders get the best rate.


Algebra has the ALGB governance token which is used for voting, making proposals, accepting projects for our LaunchPad, bootstrapping, incentivization, and platform fee distribution. Moreover, ALGB tokens never go idle, they’ll work for you and multiply your capital as you can stake them right on Algebra!

The number of new DEXs is increasing not by days but sometimes within hours, however you need to choose what best meets your demands.

Check out now if Algebra is your fit:

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